What should you wear under Leggings or Yoga Pants?

You show up at the gym for your first yoga class. Everything is going according to plan until the Downward Dog Pose. As you bend over, you feel it happening.

Everyone behind you can see the exact shape of your underwear. In detail.

This embarrassing moment can suck away your self-confidence and make you feel awkward every time you go to the gym. However, there are several ways to avoid blatant panty lines and still enjoy the comfort of yoga pants.

If you're wondering what to wear under leggings, we've put together this guide to walk you through some of the best choices. Make sure you keep reading below!

Does It Matter What to Wear Under Leggings?


You can choose to wear whatever you want under your leggings or yoga pants. Everyone wears a different type of underwear under their leggings, and nobody is wrong.

"But what about panty lines?"

Don't let yourself spend too much time stressing about whether people can or can't see your panty lines. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter if your panties show through your leggings. All that matters is comfort and functionality, and if you're most comfortable in high-waisted, boy briefs, then there's no need to change.

However, if you want to keep your underwear as hidden as possible under your yoga pants, there are a few tips to keep in mind.

Stay Away From Bright Colors

If you slip into a pair of hot pink undies then pull on thin leggings on top, there's a good chance some of that underwear color will show through your pants when you bend or move. Stick with neutral colors, such as white and black, instead.

Pick Invisible Panties

Picking invisible underwear will give you all the comfort of your favorite style without bulky seams. The underwear will lay flat against your skin, and from the outside of your pants, you won't be able to see where the undies end or begin.

So What Are Your Options?

The tips above will give you somewhere to start in your underwear shopping journey, but they might still leave you with a few questions. Here's a closer look at some of the best panties (or lack thereof) to wear under your leggings or yoga pants.


The first thing you should consider is the material of the underwear. Certain types of underwear can lead to irritation or itching or even increase your chances of developing a yeast infection. Because of this, you should stick to one of these three options.


Hypoallergenic (as long as you get pure cotton)
Blocks odor
Prevent infection


Good fit (it molds to your body shape)
Stretches (which can be helpful during a workout)


Don't retain moisture (won't make you feel too sweaty down there)

Spend some time thinking about what you want out of your underwear. Do you want something that will make you feel comfortable and supported? Or do you want something that's easy to move in and won't trap moisture?

Once you have answers to these questions, you can pick the best material for your needs.


There are many different underwear styles you can choose from, and the right one for you all comes down to what you like and what makes you feel confident. Here are a few of the most popular types of panties for leggings.


This style is one of the most comfortable. You won't worry about things riding up into places they shouldn't be, and they're a good match for people who wear pads during that time of the month.

Unfortunately, bikini undies have the potential of showing a lot of panty lines. If you want to stay away from this, you might want to try a different underwear style.


Thongs make underwear lines almost non-existent while still allowing you to wear something under your yoga pants. However, thongs can be uncomfortable, especially if you aren't used to them.

Boy Shorts

This type of underwear is closer to shorts than a bikini bottom. If you don't like the look of panty lines but don't want to wear a thong, boy shorts can push the lines farther down your legs, which will keep attention away from your booty. This might make you more comfortable as you're bending and twisting into complicated yoga positions.

Nothing at All

If you aren't happy with these underwear choices, you don't have to wear anything at all. This can take care of the panty lines and keep you comfortable during your workout (or as you're going about your day).

Worried going commando will increase your risk of getting a yeast infection?

This isn't true. As long as you wash your yoga pants often, leaving your underwear in the closet can be a perfectly healthy choice for your lady parts.

Leggings Fashion Guide: Just Wear What Makes You Comfortable

When it comes to what to wear under leggings, there's no right or wrong answer. You should simply stick with what makes you comfortable and helps you feel confident.

Now that you know what to wear underneath, it's time to buy some new leggings for your next workout or day on the couch.

Don't wait to take a look at our leggings and yoga pants collections today! If you have any questions about our leggings or the buying/shipping process, feel free to get in touch with us at support@seemyleggings.com

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